Bovishield Gold Fp5 Vl5

Bovishield Gold FP5 VL5 aids in the prevention of abortion caused by IBR and disease caused by IBR, BVD Types 1 & 2, PI3, BRSV, Campylobacter fetus (Vibrio) and the 5 most common strains of Leptospirosis in cattle.

This freeze-dried vaccine contains two bottles. One bottle contains 10 doses of the modified live virus (MLV) strains IBR, BVD (Types 1 and 2), PI3, and BRSV. Known as the IBR-BVD-PI3-BRSV vaccine. And another bottle that contains 10 doses of Campylobacter Fetus-Leptospira Canicola-Grippotyphosa-Harjolcterohaemorrhagia-Pomona, Bacterin.

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-Rehydrate the bottle of modified live virus to 20 mL

– Administer 5 mL IM to breeding cows & heifers roughly 1 month prior to breeding.

– Revaccinate with Bovi-Shield® BRSV and Vibrio-Leptoferm®5 in 3 to 4 weeks.

– Revaccinate annually.


Do not use in pregnant cows (abortions can result) unless they were vaccinated, according to label directions.

– Store at 2°–7°C. Prolonged exposure to higher temperatures and/or direct sunlight may adversely affect potency.

– Do not feeze.

– Do not use vaccine within 21 days before slaughter.

– Do not sterilize needles and syringes with chemicals as even traces of disinfectant can inactivate the vaccine.

– Contains gentamicin as preservative.

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