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Providing Expertise on Vaccines, Antibiotics & Supplements for Horses, Beef Cattle, Dairy Cows, Goats, Sheep, and Pigs. We Supply and Advise Our Clients on Livestock & Horse Feed, Horseshoes & Farrier Tools, as well as Horse Tack & Horse Training Equipment.

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5-star rating

I am consistently pleased by the customer service of the Wilson family (owners/operators of Diamond K) If they don't have what I need they will get it! If they don't have an answer to my question they make the effort to find out. In addition, I routinely save a considerable amount of cash by getting my meds and supplies through them. I highly recommend!


- Daniel Babcock


Very friendly, great prices and the employees were very knowledgeable! Have a horse that's leg got scratched up, and it's scabbing over, but just doesn't seem to be healing. They suggested a spray that helped it heal up nicely!


- Max Bain


Very friendly and helpful.  When I got some of my supplies at IFA and couldn't find what I needed they directed me here. I will remember them for my future needs!


- Janelle Hermes


These guys are amazing!! They always have what I need or can get it pretty quick. Their customer service is super and they are conveniently located. Thanks Diamond K!


- Shawnell Thurgood

Animal Health Supplies

For vaccines and antibotics, we are a knowledgeable one-stop shop for livestock veterinarians, ranchers, farmers, and equine veterinarians.

Cattle: Animal Healthcare Supplies
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Horeshoes & Farrier Supplies

Diamond K has been a trusted source for horseshoes and horseshoeing supplies for farriers and horse owners alike since 1993.  We carry every type of nail, horseshoe, farrier tool & equipment necessary. You can be confident we have a solution for every hoof care need.

Livestock & Horse Feed

Not sure what the best feed would be for each stage of life and circumstance?  We can talk through any questions you may have about animal nutrition and diet. There are hundreds of options for your horses, dairy cows, beef cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs. Call or drop by. We've done the homework, so you don't have to.

Livestock & Horse Feed; Diamond K Company in Utah
Horse Tack Supplies; Diamond K Company in Utah

Horse Tack & Grooming Products

Rodeo horses, racehorses, and horses used for hunting, driving cattle, or camping & recreation. We have saddles, bridles, rope, and everything you need for horse training and for your comfort. Tell us what tack equipment you need for optimal performance and your horse riding experience, and if we don't have it, we will get order it in for you.

Livestock Production Supplies

We have been serving the same ranchers in Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, and Idaho for years. They keep coming back because they know we get them what they need, when they need it; every time.  Pick up or order tags, livestock and cattle prods, custom-created irons for cattle branding, and much more.

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Other Farm Animal Supplies

We carry some miscellaneous items such as dog food and chicken feed.  Our customers come for their livestock and their horses and appreciate the convenience of Diamond K carrying a few of the other items they need at the ranch or on the farm.